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Experiential Ogham: A 9-week online workshop with Raven Edgewalker 

May 24th to July 26th 2015 anywhere with internet access

This popular 9-week online workshop offers a solid foundation in the Celtic Tree Ogham as a system of divination, along with skills and tools to develop and build energetic connections to the trees. The work allows each student to not only read and learn about the trees of the ogham, but through experiential exercises and trance recordings will allow them to develop and deepen their own relationships with the trees.

Taking these experiences into your own ecosystems you will learn how to begin to translate these energies into understanding the trees that are part of your native ecosystems whether you live in mountains or the desert or the British Isles (!); and work towards building a personal tree ogham system that is relevant to your own land, and which may be more or less based on the traditional Celtic tree ogham system.

At the beginning of each week you will receive (via e-group) files containing the weeks work to download. The e-group will also provide direct support from the workshop leader, Raven as well as a forum for discussion with other students (numbers are limited to keep group size small). Your participation is not limited by location or time zone.

Price: sliding scale $90-$150 (please decide where on the sliding scale you are) For a registration form and booking or for more information, please contact Raven



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