Birch For Beginnings - or Breaking the Ice

It is a hard thing to write a first post on a blog - hard enough that I have procrastinated for 8 years. Yes, EIGHT years of making excuses, of intentional forgetting, of procrastinating and telling stories to myself that no one is really going to be interested reading words here. We human beings can be really creative to find ways not to do things that are scary or difficult - and I'm no exception. But people keep asking me for the address of my blog, they wonder where they can find more images of the art I make or the photographs I take, or extended versions of some of my rambles, and I keep thinking I should do it, I should make that first post...and then not actually doing it. So tired of my own stories and excuses I forced myself into a deadline by deliberately publishing artwork with watermarked all over it..... Birch, the first tree of the Celtic Ogham Alphabet seems appropriate for the first post of a blog.

Greenwoman Crafts

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